Price: $259, 000 CAD + GST



ItemRetail Price
Kenworth Leather Seat Covers x 2250
Box Laserlite Ear Plugs90
All User Manuals (CAT, Kenworth, Proheat, etc)
Proheat X45 - Engine Heater with timer2500
Telus Handsfree Phone450
Hannay 120ft Hose Reel800
125ft High Pressure Hose300
6ft Hydrovac Wand400
7ft Hydrovac Wand Extension450
Mastercraft Pick Tool20
Stanley Fat Max Small Crowbar25
24" Pipe Wrench35
18" Pipe Wrench25
12" Crescent Wrench40
12" Crescent Wrench40
10" Crescent Wrench35
Safety Hose Whip25
15" Crescent Wrench45
Combo Wrench Set 3/8-1"1/4650
Combo Wrench Set 3/8-1"1/4650
14" Pipe Wrench20
125ft High Pressure Hose225
200ft steam/snake hose with sewer nozzle600
5GAL Diesel Gerry Can15
5GAL Spill Pail10
Fire Blanket100
2" Fire Hydrant Water Fill Hose120
Standard Screwdriver Set30
Wheel Chalks100
120ft High Pressure Hose Extension240
High Strength Pull Straps50
Wireless Remote800
1 Set Electrical Bonding Mats2200
Wash Jet Nozzle for tank clean50
18" Mini Hydrovac Wand60
5ft Wash Wand with Trigger110
2ft Wash Wand30
3ft Wash Wand40
3ft Steam Wand200
Blunt Nose Hammer50
Pad Lock (Drivers Side Van Body)15
Pad Lock(Passengers side Van Body)15
Canaflex 3" Water Fill Hose - 6ft175
Kenworth Floor Mats150
4" to 3" F-M Camlock Fitting60
3" to 3" F-F Camlock Fitting50
5ft Prybar50
Accessory Rack300
Square Head Shovel35
Steel Dirt Tongs250
2ft Squeegee40
Bundle of Survey Lathe40
8" to 6" M-F Boom swedge80
Canaflex 5ft boom stinger 6"160
LED Rotating Beacon Light220
LED Rotating Beacon Light220
Canaflex 4" Suction Hose - 11ft long230
Canaflex 4" Suction Hose - 11ft Long230
Canaflex 6" Suction Hose - 11ft Long280
Canaflex 2" Water Fill Hose - 20ft Long160
13ft PVC Pipe for Wand Holders60
Retractable Ground Cable300
9ft Hydrovac Wand Extension150
12ft Hydrovac Wand Extension180
7ft Hydrovac Wand Extension130
High Strength Tie Down Straps Pack of 340
6" Dig Tube Extension - 5ft120
6" Dig Tube Extension - 5ft120
Dig Tube Accessory Holder250
Blower Filter200
2 Tier Steel Table100
Kenworth Cold Weather Front Radiator Bib100
Clear Face Shields - 50500
Dyson Handheld Vacuum250
LED Flashlight30
Dynacraft Spare Fan Belt50
Waterjet Burn Kit50
Alberta #2 First Aid Kit70
Emergency Eye Wash Station70
CSA Approved Hard Hats - 6300
30lb Fire Extinguisher300
20lb Fire Extinguisher250
Fire Retardant Coveralls - 112750
Face Shield Hard Hat Rims - 835
Sala Fall Protection Harness200
Sala Fall Protection Harness200
Fall Protection Lanyard150
Fall Protection Lanyard150
Fall Protection Lanyard150
North Fall Protection Retractable Lanyard550
North Fall Protection Retractable Lanyard550
Hi-Vis Vest25
Tyvek Suits - 680
Jumper Cables - Heavy Duty160
Stop/Slow Traffic Sign65
Stop/Slow Traffic Sign65
One Time use Rain Suit - 4120
Helly Hanson Rain Suit Top - 2200
Helly Hanson Rain Suit Bottom - 2200
Danby Mircowave50
Universal Spill Response Kit100
Traffic Pylons - 660
Wire Accessory Baskets - 2100
Grease Gun50
Royal Purple Grease Tubes - 440
Danger Hydrovac Sandwich Board150
3" M-M Camlock Fitting40
4" M-M Camlock Fitting50
2" Screw on male Camlock Nipple25
1-1/2" Screw on female Camlock10
8" Female to 3" Male Swedge Fitting80
3" Female to 2" Male Camlock Fitting50
2" Female to 2" Female Camlock Fitting40
6" Female to 6" Female Camlock Fitting120
6" Female to 4" Male Fitting80
4" Female to 3" Male Camlock Fitting60
3" Female to 3" Female Camlock Fitting50
Heavy Duty Tow Shackle130
2" Fire Hydrant Water Hookup60
6" Rubber Gasket - 525
4" Rubber Gasket - 310
8" Irrigation C-Clamp - 375
6" Irrigation C-Clamps - 480
3" Camlock Fitting Cap20
8" Female to 6" Male Camlock Fitting400
6" Female to 4" Male Camlock Fitting80
4" Male to 3" Female Camlock Fitting60
Hydrovac Spinner Tips - 113300
Hydrovac 0 Degree Jet Tip - 2400
Permanent Paint Marker - 770
14GPM Sewer Nozzle120
LocTight Threadlocker5
Hydrovac Nozzle Tip Repair kit15
100pc Sae Grease Nipple Set80
100pc Metric Grease Nipple Set80
Combo Wrench Set 6MM-21MM150
H2S Gas Monitor - 41900
Wash Wand Trigger50
Micro screwdriver set25
Liteup Electrical Fuses50
Electrical Wiring Repair Kit30
15 Degree Fan Wash Tip50
30 Degree Fan Wash Tip50
Wire Cutters30
Silcon Glue15
Hose Clamps Various Sizes - 1620
1 Pack PVC Ring Terminals20
1 Pack Crimp n Shrink Electrical Connectors15
Electrical Tape - 210
Westward 20pc Drive Socket Wrench Set350
Mini Socket Wrench25
Srew on Steam Fitting - 4200
3000psi Ball Valve220
Quick Connect Hose Fitting100
2500psi Check Valve490
Needle Nose Plyers30
OLFA Knife - 460
1" Plumbers Tape5
Needle Nose Vice Grips20
Air Chuck15
Tire Pressure Guage - 150psi40
Oil Screw on Quick Drain55
12GPM Sewer Jet Nozzle80
1/4", 1/2", 3/4" Pipe Thread Fittings - Various50
Duct Tape - 440
Oil Funnel5
Oil Wrench10
Fuel Filter Wrench10
Eaton 10 000psi Male Fitting - 2200
Eaton 10 000psi Female Fitting - 2200
Vice Grips - 240
Adjustable Socket Crescent30
1/2" Plumbers Tape - 45
Metric Hex Keys25
Sae Hex Keys25
Ice Scraper5
Wire Brush5
Tape Measure - 4100
Zip Ties20
Marking Paint - 640
WD40 - 315
Off Insect Repellent10
Tiger Torch30
Tiger Torch Refill Canister20
Total Cost:$35 350